A Work Package (WP) overview to reach the objectives is shown below:

This structure will be organized around two preferred work lines: a first line will focus on decorative coatings for the automotive sector, where aluminium will be deposited on polymeric substrates and aesthetics and corrosion resistance will be the target properties.

Conversely, a second line will pay attention to aeronautic applications, where the desired properties are not only corrosion resistance but also other technical characteristics like wear resistance or lubricity. Additionally, for these purposes aluminium coatings will be deposited on metallic substrates (nickel alloys). These working lines will be taken into account along the entire upscaling process, since the main involved process (aluminium electrodeposition through ILs) will be common to both applications. The work programme covers a review of process conditions obtained from previous projects, and modifications to enable big scale application. Once the process has been adapted to industrial conditions, the pilot line will be designed and built, paying attention to several critical issues (moisture protection, corrosion of ILs, automation, process, control, etc.). Finally, a validation of the process will be carried out from the technical and the economical point of view. Additionally to this core structure, three transversal Work Packages will be carried out along the project: a Management Work Package, a Dissemination Work Package, and a third one for the Environmental aspects of the upscaling process.