Scaling-up of the aluminium process from ionic liquids

October 12-14 was hold in Munich (Germany) the Comsol Conference. INSTM was represented by Andrea Giaccherini which disseminates some results obtained during scail-up project. The oral contribution presented was titled: Aluminization Process from Ionic Liquid in Operative Conditions: Validation and Perspective.

This scientific contribute focuses on the modelling of the aluminium electrodeposition process from BMIMCl/AlCl3(1:1.5) on a disk electrode under stirring condition at a lab-scale. The audience was in general of several hundrends engineers, physicts and chemists. The presentation was well appreciated by the audience due to the general approach for the study of transport proprieties in such complex electrolyte. Main comments were about the clarification of the moving mesh methodology to model the stirring process as well as the basic assumptions developed regarding model boundary conditions and governing equations for the alluminization process.