Aluminium Electrodeposition from Ionic Liquid: Effect of Deposition Temperature and Sonication. E. Berretti ; A. Giaccherini; S. M. Martinuzzi; M. Innocenti; T.J.S Schubert; F. M. Stiemke; S. Caporali. Materials, 2016, 9(9), 719


Efect of Metals Ions on the Aluminium Electrodeposition Finite Elements Analysis of an Electrochemical Coating Process of an Irregularly Shaped Cathode with COMSOL Multiphysics®.  A. Giaccherini; S. Caporali; E. Berretti; P. Marcantelli; I. Sanzari; I. Perissi and M. Innocenti. ECS Transactions, 2015, vol 64 , issue 35, pag 1-8


Current Density Distribution for a Full Scale Industrial Alluminization Process Excerpt from the Proceedings of the 2015 COMSOL Conference in Grenoble.


Aluminium electrodeposition fron ionic liquid: effect of deposition temperature and sonication. E. Berretti; S. Caporali; A. Giaccherini; S. M. Martinuzzi and M. Innocenti. MDPI, 2016

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