MAIER S. Coop. (Coordinator)
Via Mistrali 7
43040 Rubbiano di Solignano (PR)
Type: SME
Country: Italy
Contact: Mr. Enea Ghidini
R&D Manager

Dr. Simona Meneghetti
Financial project manager for R&D projects

Mr. Francesco Bozza

TUC will work on the definition of specifications and requirements of aluminium electrodeposition processes applied to for obtaining nickel aluminides for aircraft turbines. He will also take part in the selection of coatings and definition of their properties. TUC will also participate manufacturing new nickel aluminide coatings with the SCAIL-UP process and with conventional processes, and will also characterize both for analysing their performance. Long series of coated turbine components will be also produced by TUC in order to technically validate this new technique. Finally, it will carry out an economical valuation of the new process in comparison with conventional ones.