MAIER S. Coop. (Coordinator)
Polígono industrial Arabieta, s/n
4320 Ajangiz (Bizkaia)
Type: IND
Country: Spain
Contact: Dr Mónica Solay (Coordinator)
Chrome Plating Laboratory Responsible

Mr. Koldo Kortabitarte (Administrative Project Manager)

Dr. Estibaliz Medina (Assistant Project Manager)
R&D Department

Ms. Ana Ortega (Assistant Project Manager)
European Projects Responsible. R&D Department

MAIER is the Project Coordinator and a well-equipped industry with advanced research and manufacturing facilities in electroplating processes for automotive sector. More specifically, MAIER works on the definition of specifications and requirements of aluminium electrodeposition processes applied to decorative aluminium coatings on polymeric components, and the modelling of the new electrodeposition process at pilot plant scale. Additionally, it is responsible of the technical validation of the process when applied to automotive components, and the industrial validation and homologation of the process for coating polymeric substrates.

On the other hand, to achieve the objectives, MTC (Maier Technology Centre), work as a third party determining specifications and requirements of the process and the pieces in the development and proper development of the pilot plant. MTC contribution and knowledge will be crucial to obtain the pursued results throughout the project.