Scaling-up of the aluminium process from ionic liquids


After 36 months of a fruitful collaboration, the consortium of the Scail-UP project met the 7th and 8th of November 2016, for the final project meeting, in San Sebastian.


San Sebastian City, were IK4-CIDETEC is located

San Sebastian City, were IK4-CIDETEC is located


The meeting was organized and hosted by IK4-CIDETEC with the attendance of the six partners that form the consortium and the European Commission Project Officer, José Riesgo.


ScailUP final meeting

                                                                    ScailUP final meeting


The ScailUP project had as aim to develop a radically new manufacturing industrial green process based on the electrodeposition of aluminium from ionic liquids and post-processed the aluminium pure coating to obtain high-tech engineered metallic materials for the automotive and aeronautic sectors.

Milestones and objectives of the project have been successfully reached due to the high-value work and strong involvement of all the partners.

October 12-14 was hold in Munich (Germany) the Comsol Conference. INSTM was represented by Andrea Giaccherini which disseminates some results obtained during scail-up project. The oral contribution presented was titled: Aluminization Process from Ionic Liquid in Operative Conditions: Validation and Perspective.

This scientific contribute focuses on the modelling of the aluminium electrodeposition process from BMIMCl/AlCl3(1:1.5) on a disk electrode under stirring condition at a lab-scale. The audience was in general of several hundrends engineers, physicts and chemists. The presentation was well appreciated by the audience due to the general approach for the study of transport proprieties in such complex electrolyte. Main comments were about the clarification of the moving mesh methodology to model the stirring process as well as the basic assumptions developed regarding model boundary conditions and governing equations for the alluminization process.

A picture of A. Giaccherini (INSTM) during his talk at the MSE2016 in Darmstadt (Germany)

A picture of A. Giaccherini (INSTM) during his talk at the MSE2016 in Darmstadt (Germany)

From September 27th to 29th, 2016 was hold in Darmstadt (Germany) the Materials Science and Engineering Congress (MSE). With more than 1,400 participants, the MSE is one of the largest English speaking congresses and exhibition in the field of Material Science and Engineering. It is hosted by the German Materials Society (DGM) in Darmstadt, the MSE is the central platform for material science and engineering experts to present their research field

Andrea Giaccherini and Enrico Berretti from INSTM (Italy) take part to the congress presenting results from the Scail-UP project. Two oral communications titled “Electrodeposition of Aluminium from ionic liquids: effects of the process parameters on morphology and corrosion resistance” and “FEA study of the electrodeposition of Al from ILs: definition of a pilot plant model for an industrial scale-up” were presented during the symposium “protective coatings and function thin films” that attracted a large number of attendees from both academia and industry. Bot the presentation were welcomed by the scientific community and stimulates possible future collaborations with engineers and material scientists.

3th-8th July 2016 was hold in Vienna (Austria) the 26th EUCHEM Conference on Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids. This well established biannual conference devoted to intense knowledge exchange in the field of molten salt and ionic liquids. The conference covers both fundamental aspects as well as all kind of applications in ionic media and nearly 300 scientific contributes (oral and posters) were presented. Among the over 200 participants, Stefano Caporali and Stefano Martinuzzi from INSTM (Italy) take part to the event and presented results from the Scail-UP project. Two different posters were presented: the first contribution was dealing on the effect of three common transition metal ions, i.e. Ni2+, Cu2+ and Fe2+ that accidentally can be present in the Al-electroplating bath as consequence of contamination. The effect of increasing concentrations of these metal ions in the electroplating bath was evaluated by means of cyclic voltammetry, SEM and rugosimetry providing a direct insight about the effect of such foreign atoms on the grown and composition of metallic Al layers electrodeposited from chloroaluminate Ils. The second one was aiming to the production of aluminium matrix MMC (metal matrix composite) coatings obtained via co-deposition, at room temperature, of metallic aluminium and ceramic microparticles dispersed in a chloroaluminate IL. The morphology and microstructures of the coatings were evaluated by means of SEM-EDS on the deposit surface and the cross-section. The results were related to the electroplating bath composition (nature and amount of dispersed particles) and the electrodeposition parameters (current density and deposition potential) in the attempt to determine the optimal conditions for the deposition of aluminium-based MMC coatings.

Metal matrix composites

Effetto FeNiCu

C-TECH presented Scail-UP results at the ELECTROCHEM2016 celebrated the 17-19 of August 2016 at the University of Leicester.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the submission of Hickling’s seminal publication outlining control of potential at a working electrode, regarded as the invention of the potentiostat, the 21st annual Electrochem meeting was held at the location of its discovery.

There were diverse range of symposia covering:

  • Energy, Materials and Green Electrochemistry
  • Electrochemical Sensing
  • Electrochemical Techniques and Tools

Turbine forum 2016TURBINE FORUM is an annual conference related to coatings for gas turbine (both IGT and aviation sector). It will be held on this occasion in Nice (France) from the 27th to the 29th of April.

TURBOCOATING (TUC) will attend to the TURBINE FORUM 2016 showing Scail-UP project results in a conference titled “Aluminizing of IGT components after Al plating using Ionic Liquids“.

More information about TURBINE FORUM 2016 on:


14th-16th October 2015 hold in Grenoble (France) the COMSOL conference 2015. This meeting aims to put in touch physics, engineers, material scientists and industry experts for cutting edge models and simulations. INSTM was present with an oral communication titled: “Current Density distribution for a full scale industrial Alluminization Process”, on which the result of the mathematical model built within the Scail-up project for Al-plating was displayed achieving good success.


20th-24th September 2015 was hold in Bertinoro (Italy) the traditional meeting of the Italian electrochemical community “Giornate dell’Elettrochimica Italiana” (GEI). More than 100 participants both from industry and academia attended the congress. INSTM took part in the meeting with 3 oral presentations dealing with the Scail-Up results.

These presentations were welcomed by the scientific committee and contribute to the success of the meeting stimulating possible future collaboration with research group in Italy and abroad.